Harlem Nights Theme Party!!

Hey Babes, 

Seem like it's been a minute since I last blogged…with the New Year calming down - I felt like it was time!

Last night, I was invited to a Harlem Nights Theme Party... It was a blast!! 

I've always been a person who plans ahead— I buy clothes and pieces all the time. Have you heard the old saying: “Stay Ready, So You Don’t Have to Get Ready”? Well that about sums me up… LOL

I purchased this Pinstripe Suit in 2014 from one of my favorite stores at the time— BEBE. It was pretty pricey so I was determined to wear it somewhere. When I received the party invite, I knew exactly what I was going to wear. I love to wear different styles, colors and looks; I knew I didn't want to wear a dress— so the Pinstripe Suit was perfect! 

Pinstripe in all of its varieties is a plus— you can always add to it or take away. Adding Pinstripes add flare and sophistication. 

I've added my look from last night and some of my favorite looks with Pinstripe. Pinstripe tops, bottoms, and blazers are a must-have in all Fashionistas’ wardrobe. Click on the link "Shop with Me" to find cute, stylish Pinstripe pieces for all styles and looks!

My Look—

Pantsuit: BeBe

Bodysuit: Bloomingdales

Shoes: Alexander Wang

Bag: Classic Chanel Maxi- Black/Silver Hardware





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