Mixing Colors & Texture

Hey Fashionistas, 

I always get messages about Fur— how I choose and style them. I'm a girl who loves texture— Furs, Skins and Patterns. I love loud pieces and live for colorful Furs.

I picked this Fur from Sak's Fifth Avenue in 2016. Once again, I wasn't looking for anything particular; but when I saw this one, I yelled— “Literally”!  I knew this had to be an added addition to my closet. Per usual, I didn't have an event or look in mind, I just knew I had to have this piece!

If you buy Furs based on trend, you will always be chasing behind certain looks. Instead, pick pieces that speak to you. Purchase "classic" pieces that will last for years and years to come. You can purchase vintage Furs at different retailers and consignment shops and have them refurbished or to save on the hefty price tag, buy during off-season.

Here's some helpful tips: 

 1- What's a classic fur? 

According to Andrianna Furs: They signify elegance and beauty. A Stroller is a classic fur coat style that refers to a mid-thigh length fur coat. Another classic style is the Mid-Calf style, also called a Short Coat. This coat is mid-calf length and perfect for a man or woman. A 7/8 length coat hides 7/8 of the outfit you choose to wear, meaning you can leave a bit for your viewer’s imagination. The Full Length fur coat is a fur coat that flows all the way to the ankle. It is perfect for a romantic night out and for maximum warmth. This classic style will make you feel like a movie star.

2- Who are major retailers who sale furs? I prefer Bloomingdales, Sak's Fifth Avenue, Neiman's Marcus just to name a few. 

3- Where do you get a fur 'refurbished'? Estatefurs.com, Poshmark, or Ebay to name a few. 

4- When is off-season? Time of the year during which demand is lowest. 

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