Siblings Date Night

Do you and your siblings or family members have dates? 


Is it Taboo? Do you text, talk on the phone or email each other? 


Family is important. It's especially important now with all the drama and political issue we are dealing with today in our society. I think it's important to spend time monthly with your close family and friends. Tell them you love them and how much they mean to you. It may be your Mom, Dad, cousin, sister or friends- but tell them how you feel. 


My brother & I went on a date and had dinner at one of our favorite hibachi restaurants. It was chill and we got to catch on and talk about our future plans and dreams. We were able to discuss our wants and plan and get advice from one another- that’s important. While we both are into fashion- we barely discussed it trying to tell each other about our plans. 


This is what I wore on our date:

Vince Leather blazer, Cut up Jeans, White V neck top, and old plaid shirt and LV Boots - Cute but comfy..

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Do you have dates with someone other than your spouse??


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